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ICANEWS Noviembre / Diciembre 2008, Año 5 # 18

 “Using the language to learn and learning to use the language.
What's next in Latin America?”


Anne Maljers, Herbert Renner, Ana Agüero, Ana Barrionuevo, David Marsh, Marita Novosio

APISE (Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Santiago del Estero) organized the 33rd FAAPI Conference at Universidad Católica de Santiago del Estero September 18-20, 2008. It was the first time that this event was held in Santiago del Estero. More than a thousand professors, English teachers and trainee teachers from different Argentinean provinces and some neighbouring countries attended the Conference. ELT professionals were updated on the latest trends, methods, strategies and techniques used in the English Language Teaching field.

The main topic of the Conference was Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). Different plenaries, semi-plenaries, demonstrations, poster presentations and workshops were developed during the intense, but highly successful, three-day Conference. Participants had the opportunity to listen to many outstanding and renowned national and international speakers from the United Kingdom, Finland, Austria, Holland  and Argentina such as Henry Widdowson (with the support of the British Council), Rod Bolitho, David Marsh, Anne Maljers, Ben Goldstein, Jane Cadwallader, Lucy Crichton, Juliana Cavalcanti, Ana Armendáriz, Cristina Banfi, Daniel Fernández, Mario López Barrios, Susan Hillyard, Charlie López, Alejandra Ottolina, Lucrecia Prat Gay, Laura Renart, Beatriz Pena Lima, Leonor Corradi, Mady Casco, Leon Zuna , among others.


Elisabet Caielli and Jenifer Williams (ICANEWS) with FAAPI VICEPRESIDENT,  Gustavo González (APIBA)

Participants of the 2008 FAAPI Conference also had time to visit Santiago del Estero, “Madre de Ciudades”, to experience the local culture through different artistic expressions that characterize the “Santiagueños”. For example, Mr. Juan Saavedra and his dancers performed during the opening ceremony and there was a  chacarera workshop during the traditional dinner party. The Closing ceremony included a local philharmonic orchestra and choir.

The Conference was a success due to the large number of participants, the exceptional quality of speakers and the well-rounded series of topics addressed. The expectations of the APISE organizing committee were surpassed, and the goals of both the Conference and FAAPI were fully achieved.


Henry Widdowson

“I'm very impressed by the very strong sense of community and friendship that everybody here seems to share and that is something that in my experience is quite unique. And I congratulate you and F.A.A.P.I. for creating that sense of community”. (Henry Widdowson, Santiago del Estero, 18th September, 2008)


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